News Nov 26 ,2021

Credits Digest

Here you can find all our news and updates that have taken place over the past few days. Please note that due to the development routine, a two-week sprint, we will start to issue News Digests twice a month, the next one will come out on Friday, December 10th.

Credits October Q&A 

Please find here the full session of Q&A, which was published on November 22nd . Please feel free to send questions over to us via social media or TG chat. Due to the number of questions received, we are changing monthly AMAs to twice a month sessions, with the next one being released on December 3rd.

Node Reward Program

is back as from this month, November 2021, with remuneration to be distributed in December. Please expect a further update for the November remuneration in early December. Details for participation are here.


In the past two weeks, the Blockchain team continued to work on tasks of asynchronous bidirectional API and an additional executor.

The team began researching how to run an EVM (Ethereum virtual machine) on Credits node.

The last MainNet general update tests are currently held on several machines, and the update is planned to be distributed publicly at the beginning of next week. 

Credits wallet

As you know, the development team is running two-week sprints, so today we finished the next one and are excited to share the latest progress here. 

The main task concerning document flow is fully accomplished, and this operation works smoothly. We had to fix quite a several interface issues in this sprint, which also was done. 

The team is glad to finalize this sprint and is moving onto the next stage of the roadmap. So far Credits team is on schedule with this product, and testing with an external loyal focus group is planned for December. 

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