News Jan 24 ,2022

Credits Digest

Here you can find all our news and updates that have taken place over the past two weeks. Please note that we are issuing News Digests twice a month due to the development routine, a two-week sprint.

Credits Q&A 

Please find here the latest session of Q&A, which was published on December 31st. Please feel free to send questions via social media or TG chat. Due to the number of questions received, we are changing monthly AMAs to twice a month sessions, with the next one being released on January 28th.

Node Reward Program

To encourage Credits node holders monthly, we run the Credits Rewards Program. Please find details of December rewards here.


Our team successfully finished the year 2021 and released the Strategy for 2022. 

Past weeks we have been working on the following tasks.
  • Integrating EVM to the node. At this stage, the node code is being prepared for hosting and adequate EVM interface support;

  • Reviewing the existing system of work with smart contracts;

  • Expanded API functionality; and currently, these functions are being tested. New operations added to API are: receiving balances from the list of wallets sending a list of transactions. These new functions allow sending information to the node without occupying the API for an extended time but implementing them in two separate stages. The first action is sending a request to the node; the second one receives a response from the node. Also, a similar duplicate functionality appeared in some other time-consuming functions.

Credits wallet

The Credit wallet development sprint was finished last Friday, January 21, and we have now moved into the next one. Below we provide an overview of the previous sprint results and tasks for the ongoing.

What have we finished in the last sprint? 

  • The chat - inserted option to initialize conversation with a client;

  • A new version of Operations History in the App;

  • Transfer to other Credits wallet clients via mobile number or email ( only within Credits ecosystem);

  • Implemented a unified logic for rounding the amounts of balances and transactions in the App;

  • Several improvements in Compliance control;

  • The first version of the web wallet is made, it is getting through a series of internal tests.

Some of the tasks from the past sprint were not fully accomplished and moved to the ongoing sprint. 

What are we working on in the current sprint?
  • Payout - integrating transfer of money from prepaid accounts to the card;

  • Transfer of cash from a prepaid account by bank transaction

  • Adding tokens of ETH: USDt, USDc, DAI; 

  • Setting card limits;

  • Finishing functionality of wallet and documents management (report status) in the App;

  • Some more minor advancements of push notifications and continuous improvements of the interface. 

Fully autonomous messenger Luna Chat built on Credits Blockchain is soon to be released

The Credits Team is delighted to congratulate BK, and his Luna Chat Beta Tests start and wish him success in this business story. Please read more about the Luna Chat and its idea in this short interview. 

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