News Mar 21 ,2022

Credits Digest

Here you can find all our news and updates that have taken place over the past two weeks. Please note that we are issuing News Digests twice a month due to the development routine, a two-week sprint.

Credits Q&A 

Please find here the latest session of Q&A, which was published on February 28th. Please feel free to send questions via social media or TG chat. Due to the number of questions received, we are changing monthly AMAs to twice a month sessions.

Node Reward Program
To encourage Credits node holders monthly, we run the Credits Rewards Program. February distribution details released on February 10th, and we will soon release February distribution details, please stay tuned. 


The Blockchain team continues enhancing the Credits blockchain as per yearly blockchain strategy. During the last two week we have reached the following progress. 
  • Development of additional executor is practically finished. The new executor is currently in testing, and getting connected to the node (this process takes time, so even though the executor is almost ready, the connection work is the development of universal connection hub for simultaneous work of three virtual machines and their testing under different conditions, so approximately this will take from four to eight weeks depending on other arising maintenance problems those need immediate attention)  

  • The team has also finished work on monitor improvement. The updated version of monitor is now passed to testing on the network. As it was initially thought, uploading the update didn’t give us the expected result, and many points need to be additionally checked on the MainNet.

Credits wallet

The Credit wallet development sprint was prolonged and will be finished on Tuesday, March 22nd. Below we provide an update with detailed description of the current development phase. Team has passed the test with the features below, these functionalities are currently being tested.  
  • Message notifications in the chat;

  • Notifications to the Client when managing products/accounts/wallets;

  • Notifications in the profile have been sorted by date;

  • Acquiring management;

  • Limits: special mechanism that allows to set limits on certain types of transactions;

  • Funds withdrawal from a fiat account to an external bank account by by IBAN

  •  Internal system improvements that ensure security and the necessary level of compliance control, as well as the correctness of document processing in the system;

  • Fixed part of the interface errors, identified during closed beta testing;

  • A basic mechanism for withdrawing funds from a fiat account to a card has been integrated. However, it is not yet transferable to the product, the functionality will be finalized in terms of the safety and compliance control first;

  • The cryptocurrencies added: USDT, USDC, DAI;

  • Exchange pair management;

  • A package of improvements for acquiring (withdrawal of funds) aimed at the security of transactions;

  • New reports;

  • Refinement of the document flow;

  • Mobile App Optimization.

This sprint was mainly focused on fixing bugs and improvements. Among the main tasks accomplished are:
  • Improving the mechanism for balance calculation  in the back office, fixing some cases of double accounting for certain operations;

  • Correction of errors on BTC and ETH operations;

  • Fixing a bug with "pulling" operations into the "External ID" accounting system, as well as executed time;

  • Application crashes were caught in some cases;

  • Improving  microservices' stability;

  • Optimization of the "internal documents" system in the accounting when interacting with the "operator" (for example, when confirming transactions).

There are still a few minor bugs left, which we plan to fix in the next sprint, we will keep you updated. 

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