News May 04 ,2022

Credits Wallet on Android

Dear Credits Community, we are thrilled to announce that Credits Wallet is now also available for all Android users. 

The features of the current Credits Wallet’s release are exactly the same as the Iphone option. 

The Credits wallet app allows you to perform all main operations with crypto coins including CS, BTC, ETH, and using EURO fiat currency. More crypto assets are currently being added and the wallet functionality is getting improved. All users are supported with technical and customer service. We are there to help you with any issues or questions you might encounter in the app.  

Please download the wallet via the link 

The detailed functionalities and features of the current wallet version are:

  • Pre-paid account in EURO;

  • Crypto wallets in BTC, ETH, CS;

  • Top up - replenishing your pre-paid account with card, or banking transfer (IBAN);

  • Exchange -  (buy/sell); 

  • Send - transfers: on external  wallets with commission, and free of charge to any internal wallets within Credits system. Transfers via wallet address to external recipients. Transfers for internal Credits users can be done by wallet address, phone number, email;

  • Functionalities:  to repeat operations, history of operations, chat with support;

  • Withdrawal - withdrawals are available in EURO to the banking account. Withdrawals to the banking cards are currently being tested and will be added later. 

We will be happy to hear your feedback towards the first public version of Credits Wallet and looking forward to hearing from you. 

Please stay tuned, more to come!

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