Credits Digest

Here you can find all our news and updates that have taken place over the past two weeks. Please note that we are issuing News Digests twice a month due to the development routine, a two-week sprint.

Credits Q&A 

Please find here the latest session of Q&A, which was published on April 29th. Please feel free to send questions via social media or TG chat.

Node Reward Program

To encourage Credits node holders monthly, we run the Credits Rewards Program. April distribution details released on May 18th.


The Blockchain team continues enhancing the Credits blockchain as per yearly blockchain strategy. During the last two week we have reached the following progress. 

Team completed developing an executor for Python. It is now getting tested. In parallel, the team is connecting executor to the node.  

We have discovered some obstacles in the joint work of EVM with the node, but they are redeemable. We plan to bring all three executors to testing within the next two weeks.

Team continues improving the node. The update has not been posted yet as we do not have  sufficient data to test the mechanism for calculating the commission and trust (for the monitor), as well as fixing errors in the functionality of displaying full information on payments, commissions and accruals for the wallet.

To speed up tests and check the integrated performance of executors, we started developing appropriate tools: scripts, applications; as part of this preparation, the desktop-wallet performance was restored, now being tested. Probably at the end of next week it will be available for users. Source repositories are updated.

Credits Wallet

Please note that we are currently running a 3 weeks sprint and the Credits Wallet Digest will come out separately next week.