Credits Wallet Digest

The public versions of Credits Wallet are now available for both: Iphone and Android users. However, these are not yet the final versions of the product, which is still getting improved and polished. 

Credits team continues to work on its development in sprints, which are now taking three weeks, where two weeks are dedicated to the development cycle and one week is given for the internal tests. As soon as tests of new features are successful we are adding them to the public version of the wallet. 

Here you can find all our recent news and updates that have taken place over the past few weeks in development progress of Credits Wallet. This Digest covers updates from the last two sprints the team has completed. Public Credits Wallet will get updated with new features in the near time. 

The updates made

  • Withdrawal from the wallet to the banking card. This functionality has been added and tested and will appear in the Credits Wallet shortly;

  • Refining anti fraud mechanism and alert algorithms;  

  • Limits settings are added. Now Credits Wallet has the option of setting the limits for all services presented, including deposits, withdrawals, and others. These limits will be set as a general corporate policy of Credits in the future; 

  • Monitoring and analytics systems for the Back Office are implemented; 

  • Multi Language functionality has been inserted to the Credits Wallet, languages will continue being added to this system; 

  • Infrastructure migration to cloud architecture. As some of the Credits Wallet partners are not able to  provide a quality guarantee for operations, we have taken a strategic decision to use cloud solutions. This architecture will ensure smooth operation of all services;

  • Automation of regression testing. We have added automated tests which will help to perform all tests faster and more efficiently than in the past;

  • Web-wallet updates focused on its performance and design. Based on the results of the last sprint we are getting ready to release the Web Wallet version very shortly;  

  • There are new tokens added to the Credits Wallet including USDT, USDC and DAI; 

  • Team has developed mechanisms for manual withdrawal of assets from the master to a cold wallet.

Updates in maintenance 

There are few more improvements made for internal maintenance of teh Wallet. Majority of them are not visible for the client, but all of them improve overall service and security of the product. 

Please expect the appearance of newly added features in the updated version of Credits Wallet! We will continue to provide the overview on development progress and future releases of new Wallet services in Digest publications. Please stay tuned!