News Sep 06 ,2022

New Promo for Turkish users!

Dear users,

We would like to announce a new promo special for you! Credits keeps on moving forward with its agenda and next milestones passed. We have released some app updates to the general public and in parallel its further enhancement is still on! 

Credits Wallet is meant to become the leading crypto Wallet allowing you to store, send or receive crypto. In addition, the application has the functionality of buying with fiat (EUR) and withdrawing funds. Why do we know that this Wallet will be in the top crypto banking products in the world? It is because it is based on great technology, product strategy and amazing teamwork behind. 

This program is to support our KYC verified users and will be run since the announcement date and will end on September 12th, 2022.

The reward program is available for participation only for Turkish residents. 

How to join and get the bonus?

  • Complete your KYC verification

  • Top up your wallet with 25 EUR or more from your debit or credit card

  • Receive your Reward (5 EUR + 5% cashback from the amount of your deposit)

We are grateful for all our loyal supporters and clients, and willing to introduce this rewarding system for you to make your customer journey with us even more pleasant.

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