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Credits Mobile Wallet Update

Credits team is pleased to demonstrate a new version of the Mobile Wallet. Our developers have fixed all issues that appeared in the earlier release and added new functionality. We appreciate your support with the testing of the first version and continue the development to incorporate more features and to make it your favorite app for everyday use.

The first view of the new version:

Now, Credits Mobile Wallet has the following functionalities:

  • KYC procedure: Personal data, documents, Photo-ID verification

  • Account registration via SMS and Email. 

  • Opening an account on the Credits blockchain 

  • Moving CS and Tokens to your account

  • In-app storage of funds

  • CS and Token transfers: internal off-chain transfers and external on-chain

  • Backend: Master Accounts

  • History of Internal and External transactions

  • Purchases of CS cryptocurrency through a third-party provider

The new version of the Mobile Wallet will be available for public download after successful internal testing. 

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