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Credits to implement logistical solutions together with RusseQuelle

Credits signed MoU agreement with one of the leading Russian Natural Mineral Water producers and distributors RusseQuelle to tackle the challenges of logistics industry and showcase the implementation of it’s platform.


RusseQuelle was founded in 2010 as a joint project of Austrian, Italian, and Russian partners. Their concept emphasizes the pristine cleanliness of the mineral water. Being bottled at the spring, RusseQuelle mineral water is delivered to Russia’s leading food retailers and HoReCa in its primeval condition.


The companies agreed to implement Credits technical solution to start the development of RusseQuelle dApp that would allow to track the supply chain of the product, its origin and history as a first step of collaboration. This will be followed by full scale integration of all the RusseQuelle contractors into blockchain based ecosystem and application of smart contactors and bar codes to automise the internal documentation flow.


Credits blockchain application will significantly facilitate solving some of the key problems of the industry such as low speed of information transfer and growing transaction costs. In addition it will benefit the customers who will get an access to a blockchain based instrument that would allow to track the origin of the product, help prevent counterfeiting and further enhance product transparency.


By choosing Credits Blockchain Russequelle pioneers blockchain technology among water producers and is thirsty for results with innovations. Together with Credits team we become a part of the global ecosystem and simultaneously move to the new level of development and management of the company on a global scale. "I have personally visited company’s office in Moscow which impressed me a lot to be honest", emphasized Yuriy Volodin, President of Russequelle.

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