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Что такое Credits Monitor?

Credits Monitor - это блокчейн-обозреватель всех транзакций и смарт-контрактов сети в настоящем и прошлом

Исследуйте вашу историю транзакций

Многофункциональный веб-инструмент для мониторинга истории тразакций всех участников сети, распределения узлов по миру, а также получения общей статистики

Общее количество узлов сети;

Статистика выполнения транзакций;

Перечень транзакций для отдельного кошелька.

Общая информация о смартконтракте;

Транзации по отдельному смартконтракту.

Результаты и статус исполнения смарт-контрактов

Запросите бесплатную консультацию

Наши команды разработчиков и поддержки готовы проконсультировать Вас по использованию нашей платформы и реализации PoC или MVP


What is Credits?

Credits - is an autonomous blockchain platform based on the principles of peer-to-peer network. It is a decentralized system for direct interaction of its members. Credits provides a completely new technology for decision-making and a new conceptual scheme of interaction. The system incorporates all the users of the network providing them opportunities for creating and using financial services. Every member of the blockchain is able to offer a service as long as to use different services. For the operations are used tokens - Credits (CS).

What is the Credits Monitor?

Credits Monitor — is a web-version of the application that provides an opportunity to view the public transfer register. It allows you public access to platform data, by analogy with the public viewing of any blockchain. You can monitor the current state of the platform: transaction execution statistics, nodes geography, balances and general information about the smart contract.

What is a transaction?

A transaction is an operation for the movement of tokens and the completion of a purchase and sale using the smart contract. The result of the transaction will always be a change in the status of the customer's wallet.

How quickly do the transactions come?

Hundreds of thousands of transactions are performed per second, so the transaction occurs instantly.

How to find your transaction?

You can find your transaction in your wallet. Enter the Transaction’s history or you can find your transaction by using the Transaction Code in the Credits Monitor.


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