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Short interview with Maksim Khlestkin, Head of Development Department at CREDITS

We have discussed career and personal achievements with Maksim Khlestkin, Head of Development Department.

Maksim Khlestkin is a person with a wealth of experience under his belt.

Highly experienced in design, development and implementation of various distributed systems, including document management and traffic control, he has over 12 years of expertise in information security, including 3 years background of solutions for banking systems. Maksim has been involved in blockchain industry for more than 3 years.

The energy and purpose of CREDITS is remarkable. I was attracted by the technology stack and the innovative value of the product being developed by CREDITS. I am heavily interested in complex, multi-faceted and innovative projects. There is always a way to find a solution if you look hard enough  for it.

Maksim covers the implementation of end-to-end integrated systems of the project. He delivers architectural initiatives that drive revenue and improve efficiency inline with business strategy as well as communicates architectural decisions and solutions to enforce best practices for master data management and integration. He initiates and delivers technology evaluations and recommendations for the project.

“I see huge potential in CREDITS. My team and I will do our best to create a competitive project.”

Prior to the start of his career Maksim used to participate in international handball tournaments. Besides, he is a chess master and enjoys listening to Metallica and playing WoW.

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