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Why CREDITS still hasn’t shared its program code on GitHub?

As you already know, we have developed a unique combined consensus protocol, which allows CREDITS to deliver unprecedented data processing speeds of over 1 million transactions per second, with a time interval of 0.01 to 1 second. The protocol is based on calculating the mathematical functions of all registry transactions, while applying the principles of Proof of Work. It accurately determines the storage of the latest up-to-date copy of the registry and software on this node (Proof of Capacity), by calculating the sum of the values of the entire contents — the hash code.

CREDITS team is working hard on the program code and is testing it every day. We have industry experts, whose experience allows us to effectively develop Alpha version of the platform.

Indeed, CREDITS positions itself as an open platform for developing decentralized applications. At the moment we are in the process of receiving patent for our products, which all of our contributors will certainly appreciate. We are concerned about our intellectual property.

After the release of the Alpha version, we will be ready to put our code in the Open-source and we will be happy to receive any comments or suggestions from your side.

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