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Welcome our first user Ties.DB

Ties.DB is the world’s first public, distributed and decentralized database with one common thread: trust. Enforced by integrated fault tolerance, incentive schemes and smart contracts.

Ties.DB is an independent entity and is designed for structured storage of large data sets in a public, decentralized, distributed network. Formally, it is not tied to the blockchain. Nevertheless, since TiesDB uses financial tools to motivate participants, it must coordinate its actions with the blockchain, store information on deposits, rates, and mutual settlements of participants. Such kind of information can be reliably stored only in the blockchain. In addition, in order to reconcile conflicting information about making changes to the database and related financial transactions, it is also necessary to use blockchain, for example, if information about the goods is stored in the database, information about their quantity should be kept in the blockchain. CREDITS’ advanced smart contracts will be implemented by Ties.DB for their services. 

To find out more about Ties.DB please visit their official website.

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