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Coinstaker published an article about CREDITS

The Credits platform, or the blockchain of day-to-day transactions

The hype around digital assets led to a stereotyped association of blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies. The media is only discussing the leaps of bitcoin rates and the problems of regulatory legislation. They undeservedly forget about the limitless opportunities of blockchain as such and the prospects for its development as a platform for innovative projects, both in connection with complexity of understanding processes by the people and in connection with the detachment of concepts from practice. The CREDITS startup is one of the promising projects intended to maximise the use of distributed ledger and smart contracts in financial transactions.

Principal differences between CREDITS and analogues

The closest example is Ethereum if we compare CREDITS with already operating platforms. As in its case, developers offer not just a digital asset, like a decentralised analogue to the fiat currencies, but a fully-fledged system with the possibility to implement applications and smart contracts. Internal cryptocurrency, although planned, will only be a “secondary” product —a means for internal settlements between the service users and payment for services. But this ends up with a similarity to the Etherium ecosystem: technologically, the CREDITS platform is a product of a completely different generation:

Here is the link to the article: https://goo.gl/WG2m6P

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