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Lynq and Credits reached an agreement on their future cooperation

June 24, London.

Credits and Lynq  have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.
Lynq is developing a Fiat and Crypto gateway for online and card payments utilizing block chain and banking API to facilitate faster and cheaper payments, aggregating businesses, third-party applications and POS systems. The company is a part of the NatWest Bank accelerator program.
Lynq and Credits met for a detailed discussion of the form of their future partnership and the terms of the joint work. The MoU that the teams signed at the meeting will serve as a framework of the technological collaboration between Credits and Lynq with prospect of Lynq using Credits platform and for Credits to be added to Lynq's application, which will give CS a payment gateway for everyday use from buying groceries to conducting large financial transactions.
“This partnership has the ability to enhance the growth capacity of our companies, strengthen our ties with the blockchain community, and ensure a better connection between consumers and businesses”, comments Credits CEO & Founder Igor Chugunov.

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