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Credits Visits GameNode Conference To Gather Insights of Blockchain Use In Game Industry

July 24, Moscow


This week Moscow hosted GameNode, the conference connecting blockchain and computer games as two of the most cutting-edge industries of today. Dmitry Nazarov of Credits team among other experts and developers took part in this event.



CEO Games Ventures Ilya Karpinskiy opened the conference with a presentation addressed to the teams developing brand new games, “which will be exciting to play”. Games Ventures is a new games investment division, created by the Mail.Ru Group team as means of supporting and developing promising companies and projects worldwide.



Game Garden founder and director Yury Pomortsev then discussed the steps required to go from the free-2-play model to monetization through cryptocurrency, based on the example of the company’s own collectible card cryptogame that was built for the Expload platform. He also spoke about problems and advantages of cryptogames.

Konstantin Katsev, co-founder and marketing director TrueFlip, went on to analyze various aspects of blockchain usage in gambling: market, players, competition, ICO, regulation. He revealed that today gambling companies see up to 10% of payments being made in cryptocurrency. “The advantages of blockchain technology create tremendous opportunities for gambling projects developers,” noted Mr. Katsev.



After a lunch break the conference continued with a panel discussion focused on accepting user payments in crypto games and legalization of proceeds for game developers. Vladimir Serzhanovich, co-founder CopPay, Stanislav Sokolovsky, senior legal adviser GMT Legal and head of Legal Midex, Viktor Mangazeev, CEO MyDFS, Konstantin Katsev, marketing director TrueFlip and Eduard Gurinovich, CEO Expload as a moderator had an extensive dialogue on crypto industry regulation, conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat and vice versa, as well as emerging issues of crypto payments in game industry and legalization of crypto revenues.



 Richard “Levelord” Gray, game designer, director of Levelord Games and co-author of world-renowned Duke Nukem 3D, Quake, Counter Strike 1.6 and much more, was the star of GameNode. He spoke of capabilities and limitations of blockchain technologies applied to the games of such class. He believes in the future of blockchain, but for now is still reluctant: “Today AAA-category games aren’t ready for blockchain integration. Too slow transactions, too high transaction costs, lots of scaling problems”.


These are just a few issues Credits’ platform helps to resolve. This is why its development will undoubtedly usher in the realization of sophisticated blockchain-based projects.



Click here to view the full conference: 




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