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Credits Partners with AdHive, the first AI-controlled influencer marketing platform.

August 3, Moscow


Credits and AdHive will develop and execute decentralized applications based on blockchain technology and smart contracts. The companies have signed an agreement on August, 3.


AdHive is the influencer marketing platform, managed by artificial intelligence and based on blockchain. The service provides more than 15000 influencers from any area, including crypto, ready to organize AMA-interviews, analysis of a project, and many others.


AI tracks the complete execution of a task, saving time for all the involved parties without personal involvement and negotiations.


“We have created our service as an alternative for the crypto-marketers, which seems to be much more effective than traditional media, since it have significantly sagged in efficiency due to market volatility and government restrictions. It also worth noting that we not only fully take the interaction with the influencers on ourselves, but also shorten the terms for the production of content” — says AdHiveCo-Founder Alexandr Kuzmin.

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