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Credits teams up with WhatsLoan to challenge conventional lending channels

Credits and WhatsLoan will work together to further develop and improve lending procedures by using decentralised applications. Credits is pleased to expand its partners’ portfolio and to enter new and rapidly growing market segment.


WhatsLoan is Loan as a Service–LaaS, Mobile First Online Platform that helps to connect borrowers and lenders in the most efficient way and on beneficial terms by use of innovative technology and lending solutions, sales & credit tools while enabling existing conventional channels of loan distribution presently working with various lenders.


Before the growth of banks, loans and repayments took place peer-to-peer and were purely based on trust. Over time trust began to break down, intermediaries and third parties became a part of the process. Middlemen provide a layer of protection, but in doing so charge high fees, while adding extra layers of complexity and regulation to the process of lending and borrowing. Credits and WhatsLoan, loan as a Service–LaaS, will work to simplify lending process to eliminate middlemen and exclude additional costs.

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