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The Content Creation stage of Credits Developers Online Hackathon has been completed

In mid-November Credits announced its first Online Hackathon 2018 starting on December 1st to bring together blockchain developers from all over the world to try out their skills at using Credits, the world’s fastest and most scalable blockchain platform. The event takes place online via the OpenGift platform until January 6th.
Over 160 developers from 28 different countries signed up. During the Concept Creation stage they were challenged to present an introduction of their future dApp project including dApps/service name, estimated target audience, problems that it aims to solve, estimated MVP functionality and final release functionality.
According to the rules of the hackathon, this was completed on December 9th. Credits developers team, the CTO Evgeniy Butyaev and Deputy CTO Konstantinos Sotiropoulos, have reviewed the participants’ projects that serve well for various industries, such as the Internet of Things, banking, logistics, insurance, payments, medicine, copyright protection, industrial, consumer goods and will be helpful for future of Credits ecosystem. Today we are excited to share some of them with Credits community.
Interface is a decentralized application, designed to be a One Stop Shop for storing all personal information and assets. By using a new “Create Token” feature in Credits Wallet, everyone will be able to set token values to its assets, either in Credits (CS) or other currency. All the personal information can be stored in a secure place where an owner controls an access to it. A user doesn’t have to search for its private data since it will always be stored in CREDITS system, which also prevents the data from being lost. The data can be cross-referenced with government and/or public databases to adjust the items to real world assessed values (e.g. vehicle blue book pricing, Land assessment database, exchange rate calculator, etc.) Assets can be transferred via a smart contract when an owner sells, rents, or shares them and can present real estate, automobiles, documents, programs, photos, information, movies, and anything that is of a value to a user.
Fair Poll
Fair poll is a decentralized voting system for electoral bodies and survey organizations that allows to create a verifiable, end-to-end voting infrastructure, enables the permanency of the records and no ability for a single entity to manipulate the records. It is considered to enhance voting integrity and voter confidence, ensure authenticity of voting process, decentralize the voting process and revolutionize the Governance.
MyHealth is aimed to allow individuals to store their health records and share them with health companies/professionals by granting an access to their records. Individuals may be rewarded for sharing their personal health records. MyHealth is considered to prevent illegal usage of private health records as well as improve the statistical data quality in the industry and enhance the demographic health research globally.
Thanks to everyone who participated in Stage 1! The Development Process stage has already started and will finish on December 30. During the Development Process stage the participants should publish a source code of the project in a dedicated Github repository and send the link to the website or mobile app for the project’s testing in a real time mode. The results of Credits Online Hackathon 2018 will be provided by Credits Developers team shortly after the end of the last stage set for January 6th.
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