Tokenized Shares by Credits in the upcoming Token Offering

Credits is opening an investment round in the form of a crowdfunding sale of tokenized shares for their parent company, CREDITS TECHNOLOGY, INC, based in Delaware, USA. In collaboration with the investment platform, Credits is launching an opportunity for investors to purchase shares of Credits through a tokenized offering.

This unique opportunity allows citizens from over 50 countries to invest in the Credits’ company by enabling them to acquire a cryptocurrency token. After a period of 6 months, this token will be freely tradable on the exchange, providing investors with the ability to buy and sell this token as they normally would be able to on a regular cryptocurrency exchange.

What is a UCSS token?

This is an ERC20 standard token that is backed 100% or 1-to-1 by shares of the parent company, Credits Technology, Inc., registered in Delaware, USA.

UCSS is not a utility token; it is a security token. The main difference lies in the fact that the company's shares back up each token. This type of investment is fundamentally different from  crypto utility tokens found on crypto exchanges.

What is Credits?

Credits is a digital wallet that combines bank payment services such as debit cards, accounts, transfers and cryptocurrency products. It offers a single app for use with both banking and crypto, providing new and innovative payment solutions for individuals and businesses.

The main benchmarks for Credits’ wallet project include, Revolut and several other smaller players.

Credits is introducing an investment offer for a fully developed product that includes over 20 services, including individual IBAN accounts. The implementation of Mastercard has already been completed and we are currently finalizing the necessary bureaucratic procedures for the upcoming launch of it in the coming weeks or months.

Credits’ Market

Credits operates in a unique and fast-growing market with over 50% annual growth. Currently, there are more than 500 million crypto users worldwide. In various countries, the percentage of crypto users ranges from 5% to 40% of the population. In the US, this figure currently stands at 14% of the total population. For these users, Credits offers a unique product that combines banking and cryptocurrency services in a simple application. The interface is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.

Credits is also working on expanding its presence in Latin America and the Asian market by collaborating with partners from Hong Kong. Over the next few years, we expect to experience significant growth in the user base, reaching up to 5 million users annually as we continue to expand and develop our services.

Who can invest?

The investment option will only be available to Credits’ wallet users who are residents of more than 50 countries (excluding the United States, Canada, Japan, and some other countries).

The investment process will be accessible exclusively within the Credits’ wallet after completing the verification process and funding the account with cryptocurrency or with your VISA/Mastercard. Through the token offering, Credits will achieve two objectives: attracting investments and acquiring new users.

The minimum investment amount will be $100, which can be made by cryptocurrency within the Credits’ wallet App or Web interface. 

The date for the announcement of the public sale of tokenized shares is anticipated to be July or August. Prior to the public sale, there will be a limited pre-sale of tokens, offered at a 50% discount.

If you are interested in investing or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].