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CREDITS Community Insights

Community shares insights on pre-Beta version of CREDITS platform

 A Pre-Beta release of the CREDITS platform has aroused our community’s interest. The most active community members have already made their video overviews. Tony Nguyen has recorded a video saying that he carried out an instant transaction from the United States to Vietnam. “I could say Cs is the fastest blockchain ever,” Tony concludes.

This is a video response from Sasha of Chain Partners Group. “I want to show you how an average PС-user like me can easily use pre-Beta version of CREDITS,” she said.

In this video has a voiceover, the author creates two accounts, conducts six transactions between them and verifies these transactions in Web.Monitor, while the song Adventure of a Lifetime is playing,.

“So as we see pre-Beta version of CREDITS is working perfectly well. It is a great project and we must believe in it,” he summarized.

This one is just a pre-Beta build of CREDITS and energizing house music. For the most detailed videos, click here, here, and here.

“What I found out so far it’s clear they’re making progress,” the community sums it up.

Thanks to everyone who has tested our pre-Beta, your feedback is much appreciated.   

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