All news published an article about CREDITS. published an article about CREDITS. Blockchain platforms have always been considered as quite a perspective technology working without any errors but a recent case has proven the opposite. The application CryptoKitties - the second most popular application on Ethereum - now seriously threatens the network’s normal operation. The purpose of the game is to get as many different kinds of kitties as possible with different attributes, and you can purchase pets only with cryptocurrency – Ether. Due to a high level of excitement related to CryptoKitties game, the number of transactions has risen a lot, but Ethereum system could not cope with such high volumes which finally resulted in significant delays in the system.

However, some solutions have already been proposed. One of them is CREDITS blockchain platform which has a lot of technical advantages in comparison to other blockchain rivals.

CREDITS platform has top characteristics of security as well as the highest transaction speed - 3 seconds per transaction which means that this CryptoKitties failure could never happen on CREDITS platform.

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