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All news published an article about CREDITS published an article about CREDITS.
The text clarifies modern blockchain issues and application of Blockchain Technology in Various Economic Fields.
All the issues are considered in Platform CREDITS. To uninstall your storage and increase the speed of your transactions, you can use Quick Features, which helps find the last-saved registry. In addition, the information is compressed to 90% in CREDITS, which allows you to free up network space and reduce the time to download data. As a result, the transaction speed is 0.01 to 1 second. In contrast, Bitcoin transactions can take up to 30 minutes.

Perhaps the biggest innovation offered by the CREDITS platform is the new, fully-integrated smart contract. Not everyone knows that the capabilities of the ETH ereum network, the pioneer in the development of smart contracts , are limited and there is no way to do what users want. For example, you can not collect payments regularly or cancel them accurately at a specific time.

In this case, you must send the command from a third-party system to a specific operation. Developers at the CREDITS platform ensure that their systems are completely autonomous and capable of performing all of these operations.
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