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CREDITS Meet ex-President of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee

This meeting being one of the most important and honorable, CREDITS team expressed their gratitude to the host for his invitation and the chance to make a presentation about the company. Igor Chugunov explained that India, with its global leadership in IT and a keen interest in blockchain, is one of the key markets for the company. CREDITS had already offered their solution to the government of Andhra Pradesh, discussed their future cooperation with Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management, held fruitful talks with the country’s leading banks, and at the moment is working on Memorandums of Understanding with its future Indian partners.

 Mr. Pranab Mukherjee warmly greeted the CREDITS team and expressed his appreciation of the company’s activity in the country, its support of Andhra Pradesh StartAP Awards ceremony, and multiple solutions CREDITS offered. He wrapped up the meeting by conveying his approval of the company’s long-term plan of development in India and the way CREDITS technologies and ideas can serve public good in the country.

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