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Credits among the most influential blockchain players in Seoul

28 June 2018

 Credits visited Seoul Blockchain Open Forum 2018, which became the platform for meeting of adepts and personalities of the blockchain industry.

Speakers of the Forum comprised Brock Pierce, one of the Founders of DNA Fund and Chairman of Bitcoin Foundation, Bobby Lee, the Co-founder of BTCC; Jeff Mcdonald, Adviser of NEM Foundation; Ismail Malik, Blockchain investor . Tim Draper, billionaire and Founder of Draper Associates, addressed the audience by Skype. All of the speakers expressed their certainty in future of the blockchain technologies.

Main topics discussed at the venue included the use of the blockchain technologies in banking, legal services, real estate, media, entertainment and other segments of the economy. Besides, the issues of the state regulation and investment strategies on cryptocurrency market were considered.

Dmitry Sheludko from Credits team met and had the discussion with the guru of cryptocurrency industry.

Brock Pierce told on booming interest of banking segment to blockchain technologies. “Financial segment companies focusing on the new technologies grew several times. 2017 is the year of pilots, 2018 is the year of deployments in banking.”

Bobby Lee carried out in depth review of Bitcoin value and projected bursting growth after 2019. He said: “Bitcoin's value does not come from the endorsement, acceptance, nor regulation by governments. Instead, bitcoin's values come from the internet failures, limitations, and inconveniences of its competitor: our Fiat Money System.” He does not have any doubts about the future of digital money: “Today, each of us uses bank cards for payment, tomorrow our children will use digital money.”



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