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Credits and Svandis Announce the Start of Cooperation

Credits and Svandis announced a strategic partnership aimed at the strategic product development and crypto informatics. Both companies will jointly support each project and their future initiatives, such as the Credits Foundation.

The Svandis vision is to provide the fastest and most reliable data for cryptocurrency traders and investors. A necessary component in achieving this vision is by leveraging high-throughput blockchains free of network congestion. After the Credits Mainnet release, Svandis will explore and test the Credits blockchain for the Svandis DataMining App to ensure fast and secure data gathering and users rewarding. Svandis will also provide access to their Third Party Marketplace for select fintech projects backed by Credits Foundation.

Additionally, the companies will be partnering to combat one of biggest problem in the current cryptocurrency markets - “fake news” and misinformation.

Svandis is led by Hermann Finnbjornsson, CEO and Co-Founder of Svandis, who is a veteran of the tech world, having established the first cryptocurrency exchange in Iceland, an electronic voting system, and a digital token card for multiple-purpose payments.
The Svandis ecosystem consists of a unified analytical and visualisation platform for analyzing cryptoassets. The data-entry process couples automatic data mining with incentivised data submission from Svandis users. Svandis users receive Svandis tokens (SVN) for data submission and by running a data processing app on their devices.
Credits is one of most ambitious projects looking to resolve one of main problem of current blockchain solutions: scalability.
“The approach Credits has to solving the scalability of existing blockchain technologies for use in everyday applications is impressive,” Hermann states. “Svandis apps will be pulling and synthesizing large amounts of data at high volumes for our newsfeed. We can’t afford partnering with a technology company that didn’t view speed and scale as the foundation for everything else that goes on top.”
Igor Chugunov, CEO and Founder of Credits, believes “Svandis, with the Svandis DataMining App (a decentralized miner) and the Research Community (a decentralized intelligence), represents the right partner for bringing technological scalability to the decentralized world.”

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