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Credits Browser Extension Enters New Market

Credits is excited to inform the community about the appearing of its CESER Browser Extension on the Google Chrome Web Store, the marketplace where users can discover, install and run the latest web applications and extensions. The dApp has become more accessible for the mass of users!

CESER is a decentralized application that manages accounts and connects users to the Credits blockchain. It enables users to manage their wallets, make transactions and interact with decentralized applications most securely and easily. The principal features of this extension are: 

  • Direct Connection to the Credits blockchain network 
  • Account & Key Management without context interaction with the website
  • Private Key Security
  • The Ability for dApps developers to integrate their products and services with the official extension 
  • Simplification of the user and product interaction  

Credits Browser Extension has recently become available on the Google Chrome Web Store where you can install it absolutely free! Add our handy feature to your web page menu and have a quick and secure access to your Credits Wallet.


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