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The Release of Decentralized Casino Slots

It is a great pleasure for us to announce the release of two decentralized crypto games - “Egypt Slots” and “Maya Slots”, developed by third-party programmers. The players are able to enjoy the fully safe and fair gambling games built on the Credits platform and secured by smart contracts. To take advantage of the gamble and log in on our gaming websites download the Credits Browser Wallet Extension.

Egypt Slots & Maya Slots - are decentralized applications based on the Credits protocol. The essence of the games is that the user makes a bet, pushes a “SPIN” button to rotate a series of four/five reels that have pictures printed on them. Winning or losing is determined by which pictures line up with the pay line, a line in the middle of a viewing window. The generation of random numbers is performed by the smart contracts. 

The player takes his winnings in case of the following combinations:

  • “777”/“Bonus” in the first reel - winning is multiplied by 2 
  • “777”/“Bonus” in the first two reels - winning is multiplied by 4 
  • “777”/“Bonus” in the first three reels - winning is multiplied by 8 
  • “777”/“Bonus” in the first four reels - winning is multiplied by 16 
  • “Bonus” in the first five reels - winning is multiplied by 32

Pick a game for your own taste or feel free to play both our decentralized applications! We are open to new proposals and welcomes all interested developers who are ready to fully enjoy the platform’s capabilities! Stay with Credits and watch out for our game-changing announcements!

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