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Decentralized Strategy Game "Medieval Age"

It is an honour for Credits to announce the initial work in the development of a new decentralized strategy game “Medieval Age” by third-party programmers on our blockchain platform.

It will not be news to anyone that the gaming industry has evolved considerably over recent decades. At the current stage, we are used to a variety of genres and devices through which you can play your favorite game. Virtual reality is increasingly adapted for modern users and becomes more multifunctional and accessible. For many players, this industry is an integral part of their daily activities. The number of people interested in the gaming sphere is growing every day, which leads to an increase in the popularity of the gaming environment and the continuous development and expansion of this business. Many developers and companies constantly create new games and improve old ones. The frequency of game tournaments and events has increased which has led to the emergence of cybersports. With the development of the mass popularity of games, the commercial component is also growing.

There are four main types of games monetization:

  • Standard Purchase
  • Pay-to-play (by subscription)
  • Free-to-win
  • Pay-to-win

In the first case, the user buys the full version of the game once and enjoys the process as long as he or she wants. In other situations, it is usually proposed to use the in-game currency, which can be obtained through both the in-game process and the conversion of real money. Thus, many users who acquire various in-game bonuses and receive various kinds of advantages in the game have a monetary value for their game accounts. The cost of some game accounts can reach several thousand dollars. Ultimately, this leads to the emergence of entire in-game markets, which makes it possible for users to buy and sell game assets.

With large cash flow, a situation arises when the user needs to be confident in the safety of his gaming assets, as well as in the possibility of securely acquiring game values. In this regard, many players often face a variety of problems. Many game accounts get hacked, stolen, different outages occur, which leads to the loss of monetary assets and thus distrust among users arises. This trend has existed for several years, but the development of technology is ripe for new changes in the way transactions are made, as well as the power that players have over their in-game currencies. All security problems and mistrust between players and companies can be solved by the adoption of blockchain technology. It enables them to play and make purchases/sales in a more transparent and decentralized way. The blockchain can provide higher security through the use of the distributed ledger, that prevents loss and theft of digital assets and information. A timestamp and unique cryptographic signature make the ledger an auditable, immutable history of all transactions in the network. Another advantage of blockchain is an opportunity for players to have full control over their virtual assets allowing them to easily trade items due to the decentralized system on a P2P basis eliminating centralized servers. Ultimately, blockchain technology is a tool to improve security and trust situation in the gaming industry, which can process payments immediately avoiding intermediaries and expensive fees. 

One of the upcoming decentralized games is a "Medieval Age". It is a multiplayer strategy game built on the Credits blockchain platform that provides an outstanding example of the blockchain deployment. The game enables players to plunge into the world of medieval conquests and battles where one can build their own castles, foster trade and manage their army. The game currency is "Goldies" which is a token based on Credits and can be traded on digital exchanges. Here are several ways how to obtain the in-game currency:

  • Open treasure chests 
  • Complete Quests
  • Win battles
  • Sell cities and items
  • Invite friends

"Medieval Age" has its marketplace where players can carry out operations safe and sound. Credits Blockchain Platform makes this decentralized application reliable and convenient due to the database storage, high transaction speed, and rapid confirmation process. The players have full control of their game and their digital assets. Via blockchain technology, the information about users’ accounts cannot be duplicated or amended retroactively that makes the game transparent and prevents disturbances. The "Medieval Age" game is planned to be launched for the 4th quarter of 2019 with the subsequent updates during the Q1 and Q2 of 2020.

The existing problems of the gaming industry are meant to be fixed. Blockchain is an excellent way to transform this digital field and make it more modern and trustworthy. The technology can be widely adopted and revolutionize the informational environment.

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