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Infographics contests results

Dear community, we are glad to announce the final results of the Credits Infographics Contest! During the competition we received more than 60 works and chose 8 finalists according to the assessment criteria. We invited the community to pick their favorite work and vote for it. Approximately 700 community members have participated in voting.

Top 3 infographics:

1 place - Infographic №2 - “CREDITS explanation” with 29.8% and 206 votes;

2 place - Infographic №5 - “New Generation of blockchain” with 25.8% and 178 votes;


3 place - Infographic №8 - “How CREDITS platform works?” with 18.4% and 127 votes.

List of winners and rewards:

  1. @imdadaotaro - 2000 CS
  2. @MoritzGregorius - 1000 CS
  3. @afifridwan - 500 CS
  4. @travis9 - 250 CS
  5. @rolfe - 250 CS
  6. @kirinnguyen - 250 CS
  7. @shwiftydeals - 250 CS
  8. @Pablo_Emilio_Gaviria - 250 CS

We appreciate the work of every participant and give you huge thanks for contribution. We have yet another evidence of how good your understanding of the Credits technology is and how cool your creative skills are. We are going to conduct such contests on a regular basis! Let’s keep in touch!

For rewards distribution contact @arsenm1 directly in telegram with your wallet details.

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