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Credits is going to collaborate with Marlin Labs

July 6, 2018

Credits and Marlin Labs have agreed a Memorandum of Understanding.
Building on the breakthroughs in blockchain and distributed computing space, Marlin Labs aims to make commercial applications of P2P technology a reality. Marlin Labs creates the Secure blockchain-based protocol revolutionizing economical P2P content delivery with lightning performance.

Credits and Marlin Labs understand the importance of blockchain development and will cooperate for the facilitation of Marlin Protocol development. The companies consider the possibility of integrating Credits platform as a foundation for Marlin Protocol. Credits and Marlin Labs will engage in mutual collaboration between their tech departments, building of dapp on Credits blockchain and exploring the opportunity of using Credits dapp on Marlin Labs for CDN and storage services.

"The Credits blockchain platform promises pretty ambitious transaction throughputs and fees. The team at Marlin is excited to explore integrating with the Credits platform so that the high throughput dapps built on it can leverage Marlin’s fast and secure CDN services" , comments Marlin Labs CEO & Founder Siddhartha Dutta. 

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