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Credits Yearly Report: 2018 Milestones & Achievements

The year 2018 was very exciting for Credits and we are grateful for the success we achieved to all our partners, friends and supporters. Throughout the year, we reached a number of accomplishments: several product releases, updates and innovations, a steady flow of partnerships.


The alpha version of Credits was launched in February ahead of schedule, following raising a hard cap of $20 million within 17 hours during an ICO. Prior to the ICO launch, the team had analyzed blockchain market, researched cryptocurrency regulations, identified key competitors and launched a wide marketing campaign.


Credits (CS) was listed on 21 exchanges, including KuCoin, BITFINEX, ETHFINEX,


Credits has a long development history and so far launched Alpha, Beta and Testnet versions. New software versions are published every two weeks, Github is updated on a regular basis as well. Currently project has Testnet 3.4 software version which offers full functionality of the Production Mainnet and has all the unique characteristics of the Credits platform. Users can download network node and test Desktop wallet - send transactions, develop smart contracts and decentralized applications.


Over the course of the year Credits team members successfully participated in over 60 blockchain and FinTech events in 29 countries worldwide including the UAE, China, India,  the US, Japan, the UK, Switzerland, South Korea and Singapore.


Credits successfully hosted its first meetup and presentation in Moscow in October. It brought together the representatives of major investment funds, financial and insurance corporations to discuss the adoption of blockchain technology in financial and insurance industries.


At the moment the company’s partnership portfolio exceeds 180 companies from the industries such as finance, IoT, health care, tourism, gaming industries including IBM, Lenovo New Vision, LeewayHertz and Sparkster which aim to implement their in-house fully autonomous and self-executable service apps.


Credits built one of the biggest project communities in crypto and got over 27 million impressions on Twitter.


Over the course of the year Credits team arranged an Online Developers Hackathon via OpenGift platform, a range of technical webinars via Credits Twitch channel, several Q&As, a Global Ambassador Campaign, an Infographic contest.


Credits achieved a tremendous result of 1,327,152 TPS during an internal load testing live stream.


Credits and LeewayHertz, a blockchain development company for startups and enterprises, built a Social.ID platform, a decentralized blockchain social identity solution designed to make identity management secure and more efficient. The solution is developed by LeewayHertz and built on Credits blockchain platform.


In Q4 Credits applied for three patents with the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) to protect the company’s blockchain developments. The patents were successfully filed for consideration.


Credits team will continue to deliver updates of its products as well as contribute to blockchain adoption by tackling the major challenges of the industry and will keep the community closely informed and involved. Thank you for the support you extended over the course of 2018.

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