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Credits Platform Full Source Code Release

The Credits blockchain platform meets the wishes of all crypto communities and presents the full source code of the most decentralized blockchain platforms in the space.

Credits publishes the entire source code that is aligned with the latest state of Credits software. All updates, optimizations and hotfixes will occur on GitHub. At present time the following list of components is available on GitHub:

  • Network
  • Storage
  • Consensus Protocol
  • API
  • Smart Contracts
  • Monitor
  • Web Wallet and etc.

Credits team trusts that this move will increase the transparency of development process, will attract new audiences and will speed up the growth of Credits blockchain ecosystem.

Right now Credits programmers are refreshing documentation that is required for developers of blockchain-based products and services to wrap up in technology and its features. A Bug Bounty Program will be launched shortly after that. We will publish the details in the near future.

Credits company is focused to invite all the partners and other developers to participate in the process of community development! Any developer will be able to track the whole history of Credits code updates on official GitHub, contact our developers and bring any suggestions in order to positively affect the development of Credits infrastructure. Go ahead! Be on the same wavelength with the most innovative technology and our company!

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