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Credits Launches First Dapp

Are you fond of gambling or just want to make some cryptocurrency? Try Credits decentralized Dice game!


We are pleased to introduce the first dapp - Dice game based on Credits Blockchain Platform. The main principles of the game are transparency and fairness. Download Credits Browser Wallet Extension to log in on Dice website.

The dice game is purely based on luck and is incredibly simple. All the user have to do is to place a bet and to choose a chance of winning. Win Chance and Payouts are adjusted manually by using the slider. The user has full control of his bets and is capable of managing his own risks. If the lucky number is within the selected area, you will be paid out according to the 'payout'.

The essence of the blockchain process is the following:

The random number is generated through Credits Blockchain Platform by the execution of a smart contract method “GetSeed”. This method uses the hash of the last block hash to generate a random number. This approach helps to ensure that the number was generated randomly because block hashes are unique. Further, we plan to implement the verifier which will be aimed to prove the randomness and transparency of the generation process.

Currently, the Dice website supports only the English language but soon Korean and Chinese languages will be available as well. Find more detailed user guidelines and legal information in the FAQ.

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