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The Release of the Bananakey Game

We are pleased to inform you that third-party developers have completed the creation of a new decentralized application called “Bananakey” on the Credits blockchain platform. The game is fully in line with the technical features of blockchain platform and allows players to enjoy the fair process of gaming.

Bananakey is a funky monkey catching banana game with fully adjustable winning chances. The point of the game is to get the banana into the monkeys’ hands, thereby winning a cryptocurrency prize presented in Credits (CS). The blockchain technology allows users to fully rely on luck, and such option like transaction history will ensure that all payments are correct. 

Here you can find all possible coefficients:


To log in on the Bananakey website please download Credits Browser Wallet Extension and enjoy the game! If you have any questions about the game or you are interested in developing your own dApp on Credits platform, feel free to contact.

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