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Credits Monthly Report, May 2019

Milestones and Achievements, May 2019

We are proud to publish the May Monthly Report. This month was fruitful for the development of Credits Blockchain Platform. Our team has fulfilled their intended purposes with great success and left no stone unturned to improve its technology, enhance its capacities and achieve better links with its community. May 2019 has witnessed the following updates and events:

Technology Development

Credits technology development program does not stand still. The highlight of this month was the release of the Credits Full Source Code on Github that is aligned with the latest state of Credits software. From now on, the whole process of development will be transparent allowing all interested parties to participate and to go toe-to-toe with our company.

Moreover, Credits is delighted to inform you about multiple updates that were made to our Mainnet and Testnet. For more information please check our Developers Journal.


  • Successful launch of the first round of Credits Airdrop campaign that allowed our community to test the platform by using  20 000 CS that were distributed equally between 1000 project supporters.
  • Credits Monthly Community Update #1 by Igor Chugunov, CEO & Founder of Credits, telling the community what has been achieved and what are the further company’s steps - Accelerator Program and Bug Bounty Program.
  • Accession to Binance Info. Credits seeks to inform the crypto community by sharing its news and project’s information on Binance Info.


  • Credits was enable to attend the largest conference and expo - Consensus 2019 in New York. The presentation of Credits blockchain platform was made by Igor Chugunov (Credits CEO & Founder), Kirill Mishanin (Credits Senior BDO) and Manana Samuseva (Credits Advisor). Consensus 2019 allowed to bring together the crypto enthusiasts from all over the world and let them discuss the future perspectives of blockchain technology, tokenization and the opportunities for mass adoption of this innovative solution.
  • Equally important, Credits has participated in the IT-event - IBM forum in Russia, Moscow Think Summit 2019. Company’s CTO Evgeny Butyeav took part at the conference as a speaker and represented the sustainability of Credits blockchain platform. Where he showed the advantages of the Platform and its value for business solutions.
  • Credits was able to lead “Supply Chain Management based on Credits blockchain technology” presentation to ECOM EXPO'19. It is the largest exhibition of technologies, services, innovations for e-Commerce in Russia and Europe that allows all interested parties to learn about breakthrough technology.


Nowadays, in the conditions of frictionless and borderless access to information, it is critically important to act cohesively particularly in the area of technology and business. Credits department of public and business relations was able to establish several partnership relations with the high-tech and innovative companies like E-Soft solution, Pulsehyip, GoByte, CIS, Vgosh Info, HyperionXtech, Applicature, Oodles Technologies, Primafelicitas, Rego Techno Solutions, Endionit.


May 2019 made it possible to achieve several important outcomes that are consistent with Credits strategy and led to a number of partnership agreements with perspective international companies. Credits team was able to showcase its unique blockchain platform at various leading conferences and confirm its effectiveness. Credits Blockchain Platform looks ahead and focuses on making its platform well-known and widely used. In this case, we strive to move forward by developing our community, providing support to the decentralized application ecosystem, expanding our technology and the integrating our platform with existing businesses.

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