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CryptoPoll Decentralized Application

Credits is excited to announce the launch of the decentralized application “CryptoPoll” designed to provide anonymous rewarding polls in the crypto community. Access to the application is carried out by Credits Browser Wallet Extension.

CryptoPoll is an anonymous opinion poll application built on Credits blockchain platform. In the framework of the dApp, polls are conducted among the crypto community in order to find out their opinions on various issues, which will allow the provider easy to navigate the current preferences of users and take further measures equivalent to requests. CryptoPoll is an excellent tool for enthusiasts who want to receive winnings, as well as for experts, journalists, and companies addressed issues of the trends of the crypto market and developing their own unique ideas in the industry. Users participating in the poll and various contests of this dApp will be able to receive a reward in cryptocurrency set by the initiator. 

The main features of the CryptoPoll are the following:

  • Anonymous participation
  • Crypto Rewards
  • Freedom to conduct your polls

After the poll is created, all interested users may take part and give their answer within 6 hours. The award will be evenly distributed among all participants. Questions are run on a first-come, first-served basis that will create the possibility of continuous participation.

Credits team welcomes all interested participants and will be glad to your polls. If you have any questions or interesting dApps proposals feel free to contact.

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