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Terms and Conditions for Cards and IBAN


These Terms and Conditions form an agreement ("Agreement") between you ("User") and UAB “New Software Solutions”, incorporated under the laws of Lithuania with registration number 306045667 and registered office at Vilnius, J. Savickio Str. 4-7, Lithuania (referred to as “CREDITS”, "we", "our", or "us"). This Agreement governs your use of our website, platform, mobile applications, and associated APIs (collectively, “Services”).

Debit card and IBAN services are provided by Unlimint, company number HE 328641, registered at 125 Griva Digeni, Limassol 3101, Cyprus. Unlimint is licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus as an Electronic Money Institution with license number  Accepting these Terms and Condition you accept:

Eligibility and Use

To use our Services, you affirm that you are at least 18 years of age and possess the legal capacity to enter into this Agreement. You must be the legal owner of any funds or digital assets used in connection with the Services. Access to our Services may be restricted based on your country of residence or citizenship.

Account Creation and Maintenance

Creating an account ("Account") on our Platform requires undergoing Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification, in compliance with anti-money laundering regulations. You must provide accurate and complete information, including but not limited to your full name, date of birth, address, and valid identification documents.

Fees and Transactions

Our Services involve certain fees ("Fees"), which may vary based on the transaction type. All Fees will be clearly disclosed at the time of transaction. You are responsible for understanding and agreeing to the Fees before completing any transaction.

Digital Asset Services

Our Platform allows for the purchase, sale, exchange, and storage of digital assets. Transactions conducted through our Platform will be assigned a unique transaction ID for tracking and record-keeping purposes.

Execution of Transactions on CREDITS Platform

When you use CREDITS to conduct cryptoasset transactions, the process is guided strictly by the instructions you provide. It's crucial to verify all transaction details before submission, as CREDITS is not responsible for confirming the identity of users or third parties involved in the transaction. 

Once a transaction is marked as complete or pending, it cannot be changed or reversed. If you're initiating a transaction from an external cryptoasset wallet, it's your responsibility to execute it properly. 

CREDITS emphasizes that all transactions on the platform are final and irreversible. In certain situations, especially where there's a legal requirement or suspicion of financial crimes like money laundering or fraud, CREDITS retains the right to refuse processing or cancel any pending cryptoasset transaction. 

Additionally, the platform may impose limits on the volume of transactions in fiat currency or cryptoassets, which can vary based on several factors including your payment method and the level of verification you have completed.

Prohibited Use of the CREDITS Platform

The CREDITS platform is designed for lawful use only. You are expected not to engage in any activities that are illegal, fraudulent, unauthorized, or that could potentially damage, disable, overburden, or impair the platform. Additionally, these activities shouldn't interfere with other users’ ability to utilize the service. The availability of the CREDITS platform is also subject to jurisdictional limitations. If you reside in, or are a citizen of a jurisdiction where using the platform would contravene local laws and regulations, you are obligated to refrain from using the platform in such jurisdictions.

Risks Associated with Cryptoasset Transactions

Engaging in cryptoasset transactions involves a significant level of risk. This includes the inherent financial and security risks, as well as the potential for frequent and sometimes extreme fluctuations in the value of cryptoassets. You need to be aware that changes in legislation and regulation can adversely affect the use, transfer, exchange, and value of cryptoassets. CREDITS wants you to understand that cryptoassets in your account are not protected by deposit insurance, they are not considered legal tender, and transactions once made are typically irreversible, which means losses due to fraudulent or accidental transactions may not be recoverable. While CREDITS might rely on third-party service providers for certain services, their failure to execute contracted services is a risk that you acknowledge. Additionally, cryptoasset exchange and custody services are subject to stringent anti-money laundering compliance and registration requirements.

Payment of Taxes

It's your responsibility to understand and fulfill any tax obligations that arise from the use of the CREDITS platform and any transactions you make. CREDITS does not offer tax advice; hence, it's recommended that you consult with an accountant, lawyer, or tax authorities in your jurisdiction to understand the tax implications of your activities on the platform. You should maintain accurate records of your transaction history, which is accessible through your account, to determine and meet your tax obligations, including withholding, collecting, reporting, and remitting the correct amount of tax to the appropriate authorities.

User Responsibilities

You agree to use our Services in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of your Account credentials and for all activities that occur under your Account.

Intellectual Property Rights

All contents of our Services, including text, graphics, logos, and software, are the property of CREDITS or its licensors. You are granted a limited, non-exclusive right to access and use our Services for your personal, non-commercial use.

Limitation of Liability

CREDITS will not be liable for any losses arising from your use of our Services, including but not limited to losses due to digital asset price fluctuations or unauthorized access to your Account.

Amendments and Termination

We reserve the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. Continued use of our Services after any such changes constitutes your acceptance of the new Terms. You may terminate your agreement with us at any time by closing your Account.


This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and CREDITS regarding the use of our Services. If any part of this Agreement is held invalid or unenforceable, that part will be construed to reflect the parties' original intent, and the remaining portions will remain in full force and effect.