Launch of Solidity on our platform!

Since its inception, blockchain has undergone significant development in a short period of time. In 2009, Bitcoin was the only significant blockchain technology. But over time, new perspectives have emerged, including the smart contract feature that allows the creation of decentralized applications.

Today we are pleased to introduce Solidity, a new programming language for our platform. Solidity will make smart contract development easier and provide new opportunities for our ecosystem.

Smart contracts are the key to unlocking the next chapter in the blockchain roadmap. They can overcome the obstacles associated with the high degree of uncertainty and volatility in the blockchain industry, providing real value to blockchain technology. Many companies have already implemented smart contracts into their digital infrastructure, automating processes and simplifying customer interactions.

Solidity represents a significant addition to our blockchain ecosystem. It provides ease of learning and powerful capabilities for developers, allowing them to create new applications and expand the blockchain industry.

It's safe to say that Solidity opens a new chapter in decentralized programming, providing high potential for development and innovation.