Q&A summary

Hello community!

Today we conducted a Q&A session with our CEO!

Thanks to each of you who took part in this activity!
We’ve summarized most of the questions and answers in the article, so if you’ve missed the session, please, read:

Q1: Now that the wallet has been released, when is Сredits going to start marketing the product? Which platforms are we going to use to market the product? Is credits going to find a company that will do the marketing or do it in house?
A: We are adhering to a classic promotion strategy. We focus on the price of attracting new customers. We are trying to use all channels including social networks (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.) and news publications. In the near future, we plan to increase our marketing activity. Please, feel free to share your ideas with us.

Q2: Does Credits have some kind of proof of reserves like Binance or other exchanges?
A: At the moment, we are only at the beginning of our journey. We currently have a small number of customers and balances. Our guarantee is mainly that we are a licensed European business and the employees of the company.  In the near future, most likely all countries will require a similar confirmation of the availability of funds.

Q3: Guys, honestly, your website doesn't look bad, but it clearly wouldn't hurt to freshen it up, do you have any thoughts on this?
A: This is a very good and timely question. We have updated the site today and will definitely make an announcement  to our community on social networks.

Q4: Generally speaking, how long does Credits have enough money to continue to operate?
A: Basically, we have enough funds to launch services. But for very aggressive development – of course not. We are working on launching crowdfunding and raising funds from VC investors. If we manage to resolve all legal issues, we will announce everything later in January.

Q5: Is there a STO/ICO planned? As I understand it, Credits’ new product will undergo a fundraising process?
A: Yes, as I mentioned above, we have certain plans for fundraising in the near future. At the moment, we are working diligently to resolve all legal requirements. As soon as these aspects are resolved (if it goes according to plan, it will be in January), we will definitely announce more detailed information about it.

Q6: At what stage of development is the EVM and when you will integrate it to the blockchain?
A: We wanted to publish our plans before New Year but decided to postpone it to the beginning of the year. We plan to finish some things in the coming weeks and after that we will make our plans public. In a nutshell: we have successfully conducted tests on the implementation of EVM in the Credits' testnet, everything is working well. However, we will not intentionally force the development of events in this direction, since the main focus and priorities are now more shifted to preparing for the investment round.

Q7: Will Credits have its own bank cards? If so, who will be able to get them and what will be their conditions?
A: We are currently in the active stage of integrating this process. We plan to launch bank cards in February if everything goes according to plan. This will be a regular MasterCard focussed on the crypto user. This means that the card will have classic functionality, but it will be integrated into the crypto application and approved by Mastercard. And it is much easier to replenish it from a cryptocurrency account. The card will be available only for residents of European countries and associate members. A Total of 31 countries

Q8: What kind of security infrastructure does Credits have? Is the user's money safe?
A: Separate accounts - all user funds are stored in the accounts of our partner bank and no one will have access to them under no circumstances except the account owner, the possibility of a situation similar to the situation at FTX - is an impossibility.

Q9: Are there plans to bring in developers to launch new Dapps on the Credits blockchain?
A: This is a matter of investment. In my opinion, in January and February we have more important tasks related to the banking application and attracting investments. After we have some certainty about the investment round, we will return to this issue. However, first of all, it is necessary to complete work on the EVM.

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