Latest updates

Dear Community,

We are happy to share with you the following news about our new update of the Credits app!

New functionality:

1. The welcome banner carousel moves on its own, inside of 5 seconds in the app
2. Improvement of  the performance and acceleration of services
3. Improvement of the crypto service
4. In error notifications, the word “Error” has been replaced with the word “Notification”
5. Added the ability to go to the support chat upon first registration in mobile application
6. Removed the restriction on account topping-up from a bank card. Now there is no minimum amount for topping up
7. Collection of statistics in the app center
8. The application will also work on Iphone 14 Pro
9. The anti-fraud system for cards has been improved, technical updates have been discontinued during non-working hours. But the improvement of the service is continuing.

Fixed bugs:

Fixed more than 20 bugs, including critical ones:

- Application crash when opening it
- Application crash when clicking on the Debit card/Bank Transfer button on the banner after passing the KYC
- The Proof of address popup has been improved, for those who want to receive a current account, all buttons have become visible, now it is possible to download documents on phones with small screens
- Application crash after logging in and clicking on chat

If you come across any bugs, feel free to write to our support team.

Download the application here.