Latest Updates

Mobile App Release Version

New functionality:

  1. Welcome banners when you first log in to the mobile app

  2. IP blocking

  3. Referral Link. Marketing program for encouraging partners to distribute their personal link in order to get rewarded for each new client. The first version has already been developed. It is getting ready to launch with the next release

  4. Fixed bug that occurs during registration after filling in personal data.

Test case:

- Removed the option to skip KYC verification.

- The “Later” button has been removed from the Account Verification pop-up that appears during registration, immediately after entering the phone confirmation code. The only button remaining is the “Continue” button.

Fixed bugs:

More than 30 bugs have been fixed.  These are the most critical ones:

  1. Nothing happens when you click the Withdraw button in the tab

  2. Application crashes in the Payments tab when pressing on the client's icon for quick transactions

  3. Fee in Confirmation pop-up shows 0 EUR in Withdraw  by card

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