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Developer’s Journal #27

Credits team is delighted to announce the release of a new version of Developer’s Journal. The new version of Mainnet will be available for installation on next week. A release for the community will be announced separately.

Improvements and optimizations

1. Restructured models of the source code 
2. Added additional exceptions interceptors
3. New features:
- GetFilteredTransactionList is a function that allows you to retrieve a package with token transactions/transfers, sent or received by the accounts from the list in the request. The request can specify a transaction number, from which the search should start to get a more actual list.
4. Changes made to the existing functions:
- ExecuteTransaction function beside transaction ID now also returns:
a) The fee paid for the transactions with CS or tokens
b) Result of the Smart contract execution (if text output was requested)
- PackTransaction function now allows you to send a transaction even if the fee is not specified. I.e. if a sender has only 1 CS, he can specify "Amount = 1" without specifying the fee. As a result, the user will receive the amount "1 CS minus actual fee", sender's balance will become empty.
5. Bug fixes:
- GetBlocks function in the blockchain module notifies when the connection is off, now it can't be confused with the set of empty blocks;
- Improved validity check for users' request to REST with returning appropriate error codes
6. Respective changes made to the definitions of the Thrift interface.


Among the technological innovations, Credits team presented two mobile applications designed to meet the needs of the growing cryptocurrency market. The first one is CS Crypto Wallet, a decentralized app that addresses the issue of anonymity and security when making instant financial transfers. 

The second development presented by the team is Credits Neobank mobile application, which allows customers to use both cryptocurrency and fiat when transferring funds between accounts.

The Credits development team continues to improve the network infrastructure and is constantly working on identifying any flaws or opportunities. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Credits
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