News Sep 04 ,2020

Message from Igor Chugunov, CEO of CREDITS.

Good day everybody!

My name is Igor Chugunov and I am CEO of the CREDITS. We keep receiving questions from our community concerning our future plans. Many think that we are prioritizing the development of the CS Wallet more than working on our blockchain. 

So today I would like to make this short speech and share with you our thoughts on the current and future strategy of CREDITS.

First of all, with regards to blockchain, work on its development is fully on, and the very recent large updates were related to the blockchain itself, nodes, API, network module, etc. So we are not stopping and continually improving it. 

However, in addition to the blockchain platform, infrastructure and ecosystem are both very important to complete the success of the project. And we can see such examples on the market. 

And exactly for this reason we are very actively working on the CREDITS Wallet and additional products, built on our blockchain platform. In my opinion, by concentrating on the ecosystem growth, and in particular on simplifying access for use/purchase/and crypto exchange we will bring a new push to the project!

CREDITS team works on the development and launch of new products with its own internal resources as well as collaborating with external development projects! I am certain that a mature and stable CREDITS ecosystem will bring the whole project into the new level.
And I hope that you continue this way up with us!

Igor Chugunov,

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