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Product overview: Credits' wallet

We, at CREDITS’ Blockchain team, are developing edgy technological products in response to what the market needs. 

Credits’ wallet is made for all of us, who live in a mobile, fast-moving global world and use crypto assets at least once a month. Crypto wallets that support mobile financial systems are becoming an essential instrument.

We are presenting this wallet to the audience keeping up with the new technologies, who are pioneering the fintech industry and its products, who follow the innovative crypto solutions. As of today CREDITS’ Wallet is available for EU citizens, and we are planning to gradually expand its presence around the world except for the countries from the OFAC and FATF lists. 

Coins supported by wallet right now are CS and ETH. Top crypto coins (BTC and others) are in the process of being added.

List of operations ( in between legal entities and private persons) is presented by: 

  • Holding/storing

  • Performing transactions

  • Exchange

  • Buy 

  • Sell

The transactions options within the framework above are: 

  • Cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency 

  • Cryptocurrency to fiat 

  • Fiat to cryptocurrency

Yes, we are planning to add operations with fiat to the CREDITS’ wallet 

Security - one of the main aspects when choosing the wallet. In CREDITS’ wallet data protection is executed in 2 layers: network and user data.

At the Network level the protection covers:

  • secure connection of API calls (https, + auth app secret keys)

  • secure connection of microservices, firewall application

  • work of microservices in one subnet

  • web servers are configured to only work between highly coded IP addresses

At the user data level we use:

  • Built-in encryption services and environment variables to store encryption keys.

Encryption is enabled for: private keys of wallets, credit card numbers, customers’ scans, photos, documents, and selfies.

Speed of transactions

Transaction of coins is done within the application, blockchain only works when crediting to the wallet, or withdrawal from the wallet. It takes some time for the transaction to be processed by the application server, but in general, they quickly come and go, transactions inside the wallet are sent by the account replenishment system. 


There is 0 commission for transfers within the app. Commission for other operations ( buy/sell, etc) is one of the lowest on the market.

Purchasing in shops

Yes we will be adding this function by scanning QR codes. 

Main advantages of CREDITS’ wallet against the other wallets

  • Low rates for crypto exchange

  • Low rates for buying crypto

  • Low rates for selling crypto

  • Low rates for crypto transfers

  • Selection of the best exchange rates (which we frame for you by collecting, analyzing, and processing markets’ data)

Cryptocurrencies are gaining mainstream adoption and a secure and handful solution for operations is a must. 

We created a CREDITS’ wallet focusing on providing the best tool in terms of security, means of payment, low commission, and great usability and design. Some of the features are on a way and updates are expected in the next few months. Choosing the best crypto wallet is highly dependent on what your specific needs are, but we have tried to develop a wallet that fits all of them.

Get it here: IOS/Android.

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