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Q&A Tuesday Session with CREDITS’ CEO Igor Chugunov

Every day we receive dozens of questions from our community and today I would like to answer those asked most frequently last week.

Q: “Arjan left CS?”, “Where is Arjan with weekly videos?”

A: Arjan still is in Credits’ team. We are aware that you would like to see him more often, and therefore relaunching videos with Arjan soon.

Q: “Credits ETH contract is still working or stopped?”

A: It works on a monthly basis on dates from 25th to 30th (for the option of swap token to coin). Details are here:

Q: “Is that true bitfinex gonna delist CS?”

A: That is not true, we are collaborating with them on integrating native CS coin, volumes are small as ERC 20 token is there.

Q: “What's the team doing? Why the team not come with a new update and new exchange?”

A: Team continues to work on developing blockchain protocol as well as updating other ecosystem products. We post updates in all our social media and website blog and also publish Weekly Digests, you can find the latest results and team achievements there.

Q: “Are there any new partners in the near future???”

A: We are not putting all the emphasis on new partnerships. At present, we continue working with those partners already existing and engaged into creating real technological solutions.  

Thank you for staying with us and taking active discussions in our TG chats, please send us more questions you would like to be covered here.

Igor Chugunov,
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