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Q&A Thursday Session with Credits’ CEO Igor Chugunov Oct 20th

Hi everyone. 

Please find below the answers to the most asked questions by the community last week. 

Thank you for your engagement!

Q: “ When speed/load test? ”

A: At this moment we are exploring and studying the options for testing. We have to prepare a certain environment for testing, conduct several internal trials, understand the hardware requirements, and only after we will be ready to perform external testing. Test preparations take time as we need to ensure that the results of the test are reliable. The test is a priority for us. We will keep you informed on the schedule.

Q: “Why we don’t see new partnerships anymore?”

A: We are now focusing more on other products. That said, there are several partnerships related to wallets scaling and development (agreements concluded with several acquiring providers), most of them are under the NDA. So we can not release any more information yet.

Q: “When is the new video from Arjan?”

A: Two new videos from Arjan are now in production. We will release them during this week on our youtube channel.

Q: “What would be the advantage of the Credits wallet compared to all competitors? (Swipe,, Celsius, SwissBorg, etc)?”

A: We are working to improve the quality and cost of entry points of financial assets from fiat to cryptocurrencies. We see our product being a kind of bridge between fiat and cryptocurrency financial management. Major user characteristics will be: affordable, convenient, simple. 

We are aiming to develop a product that can ensure the purchase of cryptocurrencies with a minimum percentage of commission. We want our product to become a driver for the development of business models that include traditional banking services and innovative products like cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrencies are increasing their presence in our life nowadays.  We strive to become a project-catalyst for the adoption of cryptocurrencies into everyday circulation.

Q: “To make your dream come true, there is a saying that you should teach your audience. How about making a book or tutorial on how to use the Credit Platform?”

A: Thank you for your question. This saying is very accurate, especially for the crypto audience, as it is a new growing industry, and we all are pioneers here. Educational content helps to understand the technology we create, the market, etc. We do not have a plan to publish a book about Credits (at least for now). But we are writing short notes and manuals for our products and services. You can find technical guides for Credits ecosystem use here.

We also do some educational videos, to be released soon on our channel. 

At the end of this Q&A session, I would like to thank everyone for engagement. 

We welcome your questions in our social media and TG chats. 

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