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Q&A Session with Credits’ CEO Igor Chugunov Nov 3rd

Hi everyone. 

Please find below the answers to the most asked questions by the community last week. 

Q: ”Please ensure the team provides regular detailed updates of the internal preparations/ we studied the current network and identified XYZ as needs looking at which we will spend next few days working on..then after a few days update on more radio silence please..saying endlessly it's a priority and showing no evidence is not reassuring enough.

Igor’s Q&A has made a good start...but now we need to know when each step has been completed and what the outcome was..”

A: Thank you for the question. Do not confuse anybody here with short answers, we will make a separate publication describing all steps done and plan for the test. 

Q: “Also..when you say "internal test" do you mean it will be done secretly behind closed doors so the community can't see? Or do you just mean will be done in testnet that everyone can see?”

A: When we say internal test, this is a preliminary part of the test, we are doing it internally before the test for the public.  There will be technical requirements for test participation, we will release them before the test. Those not participating will have the option just to watch it on the monitor. 

Q: “Would it not be better to do a public test on mainnet rather than test net. I believe all of this has been done previously before. And why are we repeating the tests.”

A: We are against conducting a test on the mainnet. It is against our requirements for quality and internal politics. Test on mainnet may cause network overload and servers to become unavailable. We can not risk it. We have got projects working on the protocol, and can not endanger that environment. 

That is correct that we have done speed tests before. However, blockchain has gone through several updates since then and the community and users insist that we perform it again. We also aim to demonstrate better results in this forthcoming test.

Q: “What’s the point? Wasn't your first 2 tests good enough? Was that just a time waste?

why are we doing another speed test when we have already done 1 on mainnet and test net years ago? “

A: Please see the answer above.

Q: “How many nodes were closed this week?”

A: We do not keep such statistics. Some nodes that are losing synchronization sometimes go offline. They should not be considered disabled, since they will return after synchronization.

Q: Can someone provide us a video demonstrating the process?

For Wazirx Cs Credits

A: Yes, we will prepare such a video. We will release it next week.

Q: “Hi all, does anyone know if the CS coins on Bitfinex are already converted, or do I need to swap MetaMask etc?

A: You need to withdraw CS tokens from Bitfinex to the MEW wallet, and then do SWAP. Tokens will be unlocked on November 25th.

Q: “When will bitfinex token swap happen?”

A: As soon as they finish internal checks and synchronize the node fully.

Dear Credits community! Please note that we receive many questions related to the speed test. We decided that it would be better to prepare a separate publication with a full description of what we do to cover all the questions in one place. We will release it this or next week. Be with us.

Thanks to everyone for sending us questions. 

Please remember we collect questions in our social media and TG chats during the week, and answer them each Tuesday. Anything else you wanted to ask us, you are very welcome to do so on our channels!

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