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Credits Monthly Report, November 2019

Milestones and Achievements, November 2019
The end of autumn 2019 has been an extremely fruitful period for the Credits team. It was full of major events and announcements. Of particular importance, this month is the technological updates of the platform and the revealing of the clear path of our future growth. The significant events have allowed the company to take a major step forward in the market of innovative technologies, which contributed to the productivity of entering into new agreements and the intensity of using the Credits platform.

In the following, we would like you to review our main activities of the month:
Technology Development

  • In the technological aspect, the development team has made several improvements and released Mainnet Software version 4.2.436.0. You can find more detailed information in the latest edition of the Developer's Journal #24, where we have also introduced our Technical Roadmap for 2020;
  • Another crucial update of Credits has been the announcement of the modified Staking Algorithm Concept till Q3 2020, marking a new level of platform protection and stability;
  • We have presented a new product “Bonoox” - the loyalty management blockchain-based platform for global business.
  • Credits team has taken part in the AMA Session on the WolfCryptoPub Telegram channel, where we have answered many interesting questions and could draw wide attention to the platform;
  • Credits has made an announcement of the most important update of the year for our community, and Kucoin exchange has taken a stand to support our initiative - the Public Swap! The event is scheduled for the 20th of December, 2019. 
  • Credits has partnered up with MinaStones, African handcrafted jewelry company that has decided to implement a blockchain-based solution to transform the current supply chain model;
  • Credits and Alibaba have teamed up to enter the Chinese market with a blockchain-based solution in logistics and to implement the smart payment service;
  • To provide its customers with high-tech products, Ginete Technologies has also cooperated with Credits and supported the company’s activities.
As you can see, November 2019 predicts further major success for Credits company, and our team is doing everything possible and even more so that you can observe our expansion in the international market. As noted earlier, our platform is designed to make the most efficient use of modern technological capabilities. Its further improvement and constant updates meet all current and new requirements. We would like to thank everyone who supports us and note that more significant events for the formation of the Credits are on their way! Stay tuned!

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