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Q&A Session with Credits’ CEO Igor Chugunov Nov 10th

Hi everyone. 

Please find below the answers to the most asked questions by the community last week. 

Thank you for your engagement!

Q: ”Where can I keep my CS safely? Is there a decentralized CS wallet?”

A: Yes, we have a decentralized wallet, you can keep your CS there safely. Links to download app are below:

and the credits web wallet 

Q:  “Can I swap the tokens from Nov 25 to Nov 30?”

A: Yes, from November 25th to 30th.

Q: “In which exchange CS token already tradable?”

A: If you mean our native CS coin then you can find it on KuCoin and

Q: “Is an android wallet working?”

A: Yes, it does, decentralized available globally, Credits wallet only in Europe as of now.

Q: “When...bankruptcy? (Out of funds)”

A: No bankruptcy expected. We reduced the costs where we could and continue developing our products. 

Q: “So, is CS done? Or we still have a plan to raise our coin value?”

A: CS is only starting. We have an interesting range of products we are now working on. It takes some time to polish them and scale globally. We believe this is only the beginning. 

Q: “I have a question for Igor and the team, are they interested in sharing in the Russian digital ruble project or not, I hope for an answer?”

A: We are interested in engaging in discussions with projects on state stable coins, and not only for Russian Ruble.  There are several government initiatives on CBDSs that exist right now in the world. We are working in this direction. This part of the business is very interesting, but not very quick. 

Q: “Is there any news about starting the partnership with Gaimin?”

A: There is a delay from the Gaimin side. We have requested the current status from them and will share an update on this partnership this /next week at the latest. 

Q: “I can't find any information about the Credits Accelerator Program for DApp”

A: At present no information on Credits Accelerator Program for DApp is available on site. You can write to us directly with suggestions, we are happy to consider the projects.

Q: “I have a question: how is Evgeniy doing? He returned 2 months ago and started working on something that he said will present at the end of September - October? Any news since then?”

A: Evgeniy is providing technical expertise for the team and acting as an advisor, he is not a full-time employee at Credits.

Thanks for sending us your questions!

Please remember we collect questions in our social media and TG chats during the week, and answer them each Tuesday. Anything else you wanted to ask us, you are very welcome to do so on our channels!

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